A BMW For Learners !!



BMW Motorrad’s first entry into the premium sub-500cc segment in recent times, the G 310 R, is hitting the market this year. As the bike is small, with a small engine displacement and a concomitantly low output, some new riders might be considering the bike as their first motorcycle purchase, but should they be?

Well, let me preface this piece with a bit of context. In fact, American consumers, by far, prefer larger displacement machines. However, when someone is new to riding, they often seek a motorcycle which is light, and which doesn’t have too much power. For those whom want to learn in style, the G 310R might seem like a good choice.


This is prior to learning how to properly adapt you technique to different road obstacles, to keeping your cool in emergency maneuvers and to becoming comfortable with balancing several hundred pounds between your legs. As of now, we haven’t received an official word on how much the G 310R will cost, but our peers at BMW Motorcycle Magazine have speculated that it will be around $5,500USD, if it does actually make it to the States when all is said and done.


BMW G310R great motorcycle and cheap allmost all can buy it.


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